Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers

I work as part of the bariatric team at a local hospital, helping patients adapt to life with a gastric band.  I also see band wearers in my clinic – usually when their weight has plateaued and they don’t know why.

Having a gastric band is not a quick fix and comes with consequences in terms of nutritional deficiencies.  Studies show obese people are often deficient in nutrients that will directly affect their ability to lose weight – and having a band will make it even harder to get the necessary vitamins and minerals for long term health and weight-loss unless care and attention is given.

After years of research I have published a book… it is packed with practical advice, information and recipes to help you manage your health and weight with a gastric band.

“Nutrition for Gastric Band Wearers” is now available on Amazon! nutrition-for-gastric-band-wearers-handbook-pearson-williamson-sml

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