Dietary Consultation

Before your first dietary consultation:  Please complete a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and three-day food diary and return to me at least three days before our appointment. During your initial consultation: Your first appointment will take around 1 1/2 hours.  I will use this time to take a detailed history of your health and lifestyle and we will discuss the factors I think may be affecting your health and contributing to your symptoms.  Together we will agree a nutrition plan, making small changes where necessary to address your condition and improve your health.  The programme may include changes to your diet, lifestyle, and supplements if necessary.  Tests may be recommended to help identify the underlying causes, in which case the results will be analysed and appropriate action will be discussed and agreed with you in a follow up consultation. Follow up consultations:  During this one hour appointment your progress will be assessed, any test results discussed and your programme amended accordingly.  I would usually suggest we meet again the following month to see how you are and review your plan if necessary.  After that I would advise a 3-month check up.  My aim is to support you in as few consultations as possible. Appointments: Appointments are available at my clinic in Tunbridge Wells.  Online appointments are also available by Skype for those who don’t have a local practitioner or those with mobility issues. Fees: Initial Consultation fee:  £120 Follow up consultations:  £80 Pack of 3 consultations:  £260 Same fees apply to online and in person consultations, payable by bank transfer or cheque please.
How to book: Call 07939 116469 or contact me to arrange an appointment.
Please note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

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