Metabolic Detox Programme

This detox programme offers a 14-day approach to address a vast array of health issues using a targeted low allergenic food plan and specific supplements.  A therapeutic detox promotes metabolic clearing and is advocated to help cleanse the body, increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce symptoms of toxicity, clear the skin, and aid weight loss while improving cellular health and mitochondrial function.

The programme is divided into 3 sections:

  • On days 1-6 and 10-14 you consume 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • Days 7-9 are liquid only days where you consume juices/smoothies and soups – this phase reduces the amount of energy the body takes to digest your food, allowing the focus on elimination

So you can track your progress, prior to the beginning of the programme it is recommended you take a few simple measurements including weight, height, BMI, waist and hip.  These will be taken again at the end.  A symptoms questionnaire will also be filled in at these times. You will be invited to make notes on any changes you have noticed or how you are feeling generally as the programme progresses.

The programme includes specific nutritional supplements, food plans and a detailed information pack including:

  • An ‘allowed foods’ list
  • Foods to avoid list
  • Recipes for all days including juices, smoothies, soups, breakfast ideas, snacks and meals
  • Suggested shopping list
  • Supplement plan
  • Measurements record
  • Questionnaires – symptom and toxin exposure

Programme fee:  £195 – this includes all the above plus a 30 minute telephone conversation before you start the detox and another 30 minute telephone conversation at the end.

Call me on 07939 116469 or contact me to order you pack today.