Can our faces mirror our health?


Traditional and Ancient medicine think our health can be seen in our faces – and now medical research has shown the Ancient Greeks may have known a thing or two.  A study has supported one sign – a crease in the ear lobe – is an indicator of heart disease.  The study found that people with a crease in their lobes have a 10% higher risk of heart disease.

Women with thinning hair could be suffering from an overactive thyroid, while female baldness might be due to an iron deficiency. Thinning eyebrows could indicate an underactive thyroid, and brows with missing areas may be a blood sugar problem or diabetes.

Prominent veins on the temples could be a sign of high blood pressure, while sunken temples could indicate dehydration. And look at your eyes if you’re concerned about your cholesterol level – a thin white circle around the iris or small fatty deposits in the whites of the eyes could be a sign of high cholesterol.

A large swollen lower lip is common in people with chronic constipation and white spots on the lips may be a sign of intestinal parasites. So next time you look in the mirror, what do you see?

NB: These are only indicators not diagnoses!

Written by

Claudia Williamson Registered Nutritional Therapist DipION, FdSc, mBANT, mCHNC Tunbridge Wells, Kent