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I thought you may like some positive feedback after all your research and hard work. I’m feeling dramatically better. No incidents of irregular heartbeat and considering I was getting them daily I think that is an amazing result. Very happy. Katie H

I initially saw Claudia for advice on a problem with fibroids as I had read that diet can heavily influence their growth. When I first met Claudia she was very warm and welcoming. During the consultation we discussed my food and eating habits and she gave me a list of things I should and shouldn’t eat. Claudia taught me to completely change my eating habits and as a result I have more energy, glowing skin and hair, and have gone down nearly 2 dress sizes. I have recommended Claudia to both friends and family as I believe how she works is extremely beneficial to adding years to people’s lives! L. B.

I first saw Claudia because I was feeling bloated and didn’t seem to have much energy. My whole family’s nutrition has improved since she scrutinised my food diary which showed in black and white that I ate very little fruit and veg. Claudia also had lots of tips on how to incorporate more water into my diet. Since seeing Claudia my family is healthier and I am more conscious of the choices I am making and the impact they have on my wellbeing. Emma S

Your help has changed my life – seriously. Thank you! N. T.

fruit-veg-heart-inpage2After having a gastric band for six years my weight had reached a plateau and I was very unhealthy. Every four/six weeks I was getting cold sores and every couple of months a chest infection. So I went to Claudia at my lowest ebb… I needed to be re-educated and inspired, and she certainly did that. In the past I had tried dieticians, liquid diets, you name it I’d attempted! Nothing worked. Claudia helped me to understand how seriously undernourished I was and the effects it would have on me going forward and she thoroughly understood how difficult it is to get nutrition with a gastric band. She worked out a nutrition plan that let me take vitamins and supplements in a form I could swallow and digest and together we worked out a healthy eating pattern which with routine has stopped the unhealthy eating patterns I had slipped into; not because I wanted to but because it became the only way to eat. In four months I have lost a stone and a half and my energy and confidence have grown. No cold sores, no chest infections. In fact I’m feeling bloody marvellous! Thank you Claudia. Nancy T

After years of trying a varied mix of supplements without understanding about their interaction, Claudia’s clear and concise advice was an eye-opening experience. I found her patient explanation and guidance hugely reassuring and was so grateful for her friendly and unjudgemental manner, which immediately put me at ease. Ann J

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